If you have moved to a new address, changed your email or phone number, or require a new stamp for another reason, you can reduce costs and cut down on the amount of waste that goes into the landfill by purchasing a new rubber die and ink pad for your self inking stamp.


  1. Remove the ink pad from the stamp. Details can be found on the page titled Self Inking Stamp Pad Replacement
  2. Make multiple impressions to remove the ink from the rubber imprint die
  3. Compress the stamp and set the locking pins
  4. Remove the old rubber die using a small screwdriver, knife, or similar tool. Make sure the plate is clean and free of any tape residue.
  5. Remove the paper backing from the new rubber die
  6. Hold the self inking stamp with the manufactures name facing you. Hold the rubber imprint die with the top up
  7. Place the sticky backed rubber die onto the stamp plate. Make sure it is centered and straight so you do not have a crooked stamp impression
  8. Squeeze the stamp to release the locking pins
  9. Replace the ink pad
  10. Make an impression on a new index card and place it on your stamp

We have created a short (1:36) video to describe the above steps.

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