Although the pad in your self inking stamp will last for thousands of impressions, over time you will notice that the stamped image is not as dark as it once was. Keep your stamp looking crisp and clear by replacing or reinking the ink pad. Pad replacement is quick and easy, and if done correctly, you should not end up with ink covered fingers.

1. Push the stamp down about 3mm (1/8″) – The rubber die rests against the stamp pad, so this action backs the stamp off the pad so it can be removed.
2. Poke the pad through the slot – The pad is pressure fit, so give it a poke with your finger and it will slide out the back. Keep your fingers away from the inky side of the pad.
3. Remove the old pad
4. Press stamp together – This is the same procedure as in step #1.
5. Insert your new ink pad.

The procedure is difficult to explain in words, so I have made a quick little video (30 seconds) to show you how to replace your self inking stamp pad. (youtube)

Let me know if you have suggestions for other stamp how-to videos.

…and yes, I have added “better video camera” to my shopping list. 🙂

In 1995 I landed a job in a shop that made rubber stamps. At that time I knew nothing about stamps other than the fact that the address stamp we had at home came in quite handy at times. I had no idea I would fall in love with the rubber stamp making process.

Fourteen years later, the company changed ownership and I guess I didn’t “fit in” any longer. I occupied my newfound free time with website programming and development, but I really missed stamps. After a great deal of pondering, I bought all the required equipment and Vancouver Island Rubber Stamp was born!

I have been in business for a few months, but this website is new. Over time, you will see the addition of new products, online ordering for your custom stamps, address stamps and business stamps, as well as a few other unique ideas. We have big plans, and invite you to come along for the ride.