Self Inking Die Plate Dater

A Self Inking Die Plate Dater imprints the date and the text of your choice. No additional stamp pad required. Available in one or two color imprints.

  • Printer Line – Plastic self-inking date and text stamp which is very lightweight, but will not stand up to heavy use.
  • Green Line – A Steel-framed self-inking date stamp made predominantly from recycled materials
  • Office Line – A plastic framed self-inking dater which is light weight, making it easier on the uses wrist.
  • Classic Line – A steel-framed self-inking date stamp designed for heavy use.

Most popular models:

Model Imprint size Line
S 260 45mm x 24mm
1.77″ x 0.94″
S 360 45mm x 30mm
1.77″ x 1.18″
2360N 45mm x 30mm
1.77″ x 1.18″
2660N 58mm x 37mm
2.28″ x 1.46″
2460 58mm x 27mm
2.28″ x 1.06″
2860 68mm x 49mm
2.68″ x 1.93″